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Máire Malone was born and reared in Dublin where she worked as a medical secretary. She moved to the UK, studied Arts and Psychology and followed a career in Counselling & Psychotherapy. 


Several of her poems have been selected and published by Ver Poets and other anthologies. She has also had poems selected for collections published by Robin Barratt. She has had short story prize wins in Scribble magazine. A story was shortlisted in Words and Women Competition, 2018.


She was selected for a place on the Novel Studio Course in 2017 where she completed a draft of her debut novel, The Dream Circle.  Her novel has been selected as a Finalist in Eyelands International Book Awards 2019 and The Irish Echo, New York, published an essay about it in July 2019. She is currently writing a novel about the Irish Famine.  


She lives in Hertfordshire with her husband.  

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