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The Dream Circle Front Cover.jpg
The Dream Circle

ISBN-13: 978-1790505296



Reeling from a personal tragedy, psychotherapist Fergus Doherty seeks solace in his lifelong fascination with dreams.

He founds Ireland’s first Dream Circle, where, every Friday evening, seven very different individuals come together in a primary school classroom in Dublin to look for meaning in their unconscious visions.

A Dream Circle is a safe and meaningful group process which helps to empower its members to work with their dreams to transform their lives.

When the enigmatic Pearl Conors joins the group, Fergus senses an instant, and powerful attraction between them, and the Dream Circle’s future is put at risk.

With the Dream Circle at its core, the novel is a love story between Fergus and Pearl.  The story is told through their eyes including the backstories of the five other characters which unfold and transform over the course of the novel.

Set amid the boom years of the Celtic Tiger, The Dream Circle explores whether love can overcome ethical and social boundaries – and if lives can truly be transformed through the power of dreams.


The novel speaks not only to those working in the therapeutic world but also to ordinary folk who are not experienced in psychology.  Not only will readers enjoy the story; they will also learn how to work with their own dreams to change their own lives.

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